About us

Based in the Paris suburb of Montrouge, Cross River Productions brings together an enthusiastic team of skilled specialists from a variety of backgrounds. ​

Always on the move in search of awesome, exciting, original and surprising projects, we adapt both formats and techniques to enhance the stories we create, develop and produce.

For 3D productions, we rely on Blender, a free and open source computer graphics software toolset. We also work in 2D using TV Paint, After, Flash and even stop motion.​

Our driving force is to present inventive and soulful projects thanks to our impassioned, dedicated creators.

We also rely on…

Florent Benito-Guyot, Aurélie Cacérès, Maxime Gridelet, Samy Tichadou, Laure Ernenwein, Rémi Osselez, Dorian Rodriguez, Lucie Salançon, Jérémy Frarier, Robin Beaumont, Marion Verlet, Denis Parrot, Cyril Limoges, Pauline Brunner, Iskandar Dchicha, Arno Richard, Nathalie Mars, Pascal David, Adrien Saliba…
…a happy crew of talented individuals who share their expertise to make Cross River’s creative and original productions even better. We raise our glasses in a toast to them: Thank you and bravo!