In development

Adapted from the famous comic strip by Zidrou et Godi published by Editions Le Lombard and published in Le Journal de Mickey

The king of cheating, Miss Perfect and Professor Old-school, in a cartoon at last!
Okay, Ducobu is a dunce, but he admits it! That’s just because school bores him. He prefers having fun! If however, cheating were part of the school’s syllabus, he’d get an A+! He’s got a challenge on his hands though, since his desk neighbor and classmate, Leonie, is the eternal head of the class and the teacher’s pet! Speaking of teachers, the challenge is even more ambitious when your teacher is Latouche, with his 19th century educational methods! Ducobu however, is undaunted. With his boundless imagination and crazy schemes, he’ll do anything, and that means ANYTHING, to transform the classroom into a recess session! He may not shine in class, but he knows how to enjoy life! A funny and feel good series designed to laugh at and thus ease the stress of confronting the school system.

Format: 52 x 11’
Genre: Animation Comedy
Target: 6+
Literary bible author: Virginie Boda
Graphic designer: Paul Szajner