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Nine year old Will is pretty much like every other kid his age….well almost: he happens to be in a wheelchair. As the series’ hero, he answers questions from children concerning disabilities. In Handico, he explains and describes in a simple, often poetic manner, disabilities including paraplegia, Down syndrome, visual and acoustic impairment, etc… This series is designed to help youngsters better understand a variety of handicaps with which they may come into contact.

Season 2 in preparation!
Twelve new episodes dealing with “invisible” disabilities such as attention deficit disorders as well as disabling diseases including diabetes and epilepsy; disabilities that could affect children themselves, their classmates and friends and/or their loved ones.

Format 12 x 3’ / Shortcom
Target 6+
Genre Awareness Animation series
Literary bible authors Virginie Boda and Jérôme Nougarolis
Directed by Pauline Brunner et Maxime Gridelet
Partners Lumni, CNC, Europe Créative Média
Global sales Superights
Also on air on TV5 Monde, RTS