Little Cheeky

In development

Based on « Petit Poussinou nous les brise » by Capucine Lewalle and Benoît Drigny, published by Hugo & Cie.

Little Cheeky is as cute as he is incorrigible. In short, he’s a kid! This animated series, using cynicism and ridicule, is about an adorable looking and endearing character who, thanks to his strong personality, crosses the line, just as so may youngsters do nowadays. Children and adults will easily relate. A thoroughly enjoyable, rule breaking series designed to make the young and the not so young laugh.
Sound Familiar ?
Little Cheeky would rather die than say hello
Little Cheeky starts to whine at the supermarket.
Little Cheeky can’t draw a straight line.
Little Cheeky won’t listen to anybody.
Little Cheeky destroys the toilet.
Little Cheeky gets bored every ten minutes.
Little Cheeky has a new girl friend, and so does his dad!

Format: 52 x 3’
Target: Teenagers / adults
Genre: Animation comedy
Literary bible author: Capucine Lewalle
Graphic designer: Benoît Drigny
Directed by: Capucine Lewalle & Vincent Burgevin