Virtual Past

In development

Original IP

Middle Ages as if you where there !
Lucas Lambda, a 12 year old obsessive gamer, in order to bring together his family, on the verge of implosion, manages to convince Laetitia, his control freak mom, Loic, his immature father and Laurie, his sister hooked on social networks to test VIRTUAL PAST, a new virtual reality game that immerses the players’ (and the viewer) into the Middle Ages. Together, they will have to make their kingdom thrive in a bigger than life epic era including the smelly, itchy and bumpy parts of medieval life.
From the time gap to different mindsets, this dysfunctional family, accustomed to its comforts, is totally unprepared to live in a world that is physically and materially light years away from its own! If the Lambdas are to survive in the game and live together in real life, they will have to face up to their virtual reality adventure and more importantly, learn to change in their everyday lives…no mean feat for a crazy mixed up family!

Format: 13 x 26’ / Serialized
Target: Family
Genre: Hybrid Comedy / Live Action and Animation
Literary bible authors: Jean-François, Henry, Jacob Henry, Virginie Boda, Julien Gallet, Maud Garnier, Nathalie Mars
Graphic bible author: Yann de Préval, Thierry Buron
Scriptwriters: Julien Gallet, Maud Garnier, Jean-François Henry, Jacob Henry, Nathalie Mars
Animation director: Iskandar Dchicha
In collaboration with: Canal +
Live director: Jules Thénier