Will, an energetic, funny and intelligent 9 year old recounts his daily adventures on camera, demonstrating to viewers that his wheelchair doesn’t prevent him from leading a normal life. This series, with an honest and often sassy tone is designed to help people of all ages to view disabilities in a different light.

Format: 52 x 2’ / Shortcom
Target: 6+
Genre: Animation Comedy
Literary bible author: Virginie Boda
Graphic designer: Régis Vidal
Directed by: Régis Vidal
Partners: France Télévisions, CNC / PROCIREP - ANGOA Caribara animation / B Media Développement - BackUp Media
Global Sales: Superights
Also on air on: VRT, RTS, RTBF, TV5 Monde, TFOU Max, TFO, We Kids, NOGA, Canal Once, ACERP et +...
.: Under the Hononary Patronage of the State Office for the Disabled